Your health deserves tailor-made support.

In our health department, all our professionals are specialists in top-level sports.

Scientific expertise at the service of your health

To speed up your recovery, therapeutic management is based on functional analyses (joint amplitude, flexibility, proprioception, balance, postural assessment). 

If you suffer from chronic pathology (tendinitis, lumbago, persistent pain), the multidisciplinary assessment is our solution. It allows us to set up an adapted therapeutic program.

In addition, depending on our centres, we offer you medical diagnostics (Electrocardiogram, biological assessment, isokinetics, stress tests).

Our assessments, based on the latest scientific research,, permettent de comprendre vos pathologies pour éviter les récidives et faciliter le retour sur le terrain.

State-of-the-art technology and guidance for targeted and effective care


Our centres are equipped with the latest tools and our treatments are individualized.

Our multidisciplinary team can offer a wide range of treatments adapted to your needs.

Our scientific expertise in terms of research has led the health industry to entrust us with the development and validation of their care tools.

Healthy sport at the heart of a 360° ecosystem

Our sports and health experts work together to ensure your safe return to sport.

They work in synergy to develop a complete plan based on health check-ups that allow youto adapt the activity à votre pathologie. s


Phase indispensable à tout programme d’entraînement individualisé, notre expertise de Testing permet d’évaluer et de mesurer vos capacités physiques et mentales. Nous déterminons vos points forts et vos faiblesses afin de mettre en place des programmes personnalisés.
Dotées des derniers outils de soins, nos méthodes de traitements sont directement issus de notre expertise dans le sport de haut-niveau.

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