Dedicated development unit

Product development

Do you have an idea or concept and need to verify your design assumptions before manufacturing a prototype or bringing it to market? Our multidisciplinary team supports you through a 12 to 24 months program, organized around (adequate) agile methods.

The different phases are based on expert committees (researchers, health professionals, IT engineers) and successive iterations following the test sessions in the laboratory or in the field.

This scientific validation process allows us to be sure that we are developing the right product for the intended use.



Combined initiative between one of your products and a technological brick at our disposal, we combine your know-how in product design and our intellectual property which can lead to a combine patent filing.


Data collecting - AI creation

We support manufacturers across the entire value chain, from the collection of data on humans in real situations, to the labeling of the data collected.

We then create robust predictive algorithms. Within the framework of global programs, we also determine adaptive solutions in the form of a loop: State qualification, automatic adapted response.


Application development

We support groups who desire to develop a “smart” application on Android or IOS support. Full tailor-made programbased on technological bricks developed in-house.


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