Industry Solutions

Product evaluation

We evaluate the products of our industrial partners in the laboratory or directly in the field, in order to validate their design hypotheses, and that allow them to explore new fields of application. We also carry out competitive benchmarks to place the product in front of the competition.


Ensures  the placement of new products on top of their previous range. It is also possible to perform competitive benchmarks. This concept facilitates communication axes by highlighting the strengths of a technology in front of the weaknesses of competition.

Clinical research and scientific articles

We set up clinical or epidemiological studiesfor our industrial partners. We write the protocols, recruit healthy or ill volunteer participants and respond to the issues

We put our experience and know-how at your service to assist you in your medical and scientific writing. Our researchers, doctors and engineers have more than 50 national and international publications, conferences and conventions proceedings in different fields of physiology, pathophysiology, neuroscience and biomechanics and all centered around a common problem: Human.

Our services range goes from consulting (help, opinion, proofreading of document) to writing in full , all aspects of the publication are managed by ourselves, whether or not we participated in the study. We care about : Writing, choice of review and submission until accepted.

Scientific Marketing

We carry out communication activities for our industrial partners, whether or not they have carried out research with us. We write press releases, make presentations and participate in conferences.



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