Test Sport

Assess (Evaluate) all of your physical abilities

Make your goals achievable (marathon, competition, performance improvement, etc.) by assessing all of your physical abilities with a set of tests specifically made for you.

The tests are carried out in our measurement laboratory by an Engineer. They aim to determine your potential by measuring your strengths and weaknesses. They allow youto assess your energy efficiency (Fat and sugar consumption rate).

At the end of the tests, you will receive a full report. It includes a table summarizing all of your results in order to optimize yourrunning performance.

Data collected: :

  • Body composition (Weight - fat mass - muscle mass - hydration level)
  • LDCs
  • VO2max
  • SV1
  • SV2
  • LIPOX Max (energy efficiency)
  • Cross Over
  • Energy cost
  • Heart rate at each level
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Post exercise recovery 1 minute
  • Flexibility
  • Strength gain
  • Vertical relaxation
  • Lower limb muscle balance
  • Reaction time
  • Gripping force


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