Collective field tests

Evaluate the physical qualities of your players

test terrain collectif

This set of tests is suitable for team sports such as football, rugby, handball, tennis, combat sports and mechanical sports.

They aim to save you time in assessing the physical qualities of your athletes, in setting up your training programs and distributing the workload.

Data collected:

  • Body composition (Weight - fat mass - muscle mass - hydration level)
  • VMA test
  • Speed 5-10-20 m
  • Force-Speed Profile
  • T Test
  • Cladding
  • Flexibility
  • Typing speed - shooting
  • Vertical relaxation
  • Reaction time
  • Speed / Accuracy ratio
  • Other tests available to measure


A full report will be given to you. It includes a table summarizing all the results of the athletes and an individual file with training directions. 


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