Train like a professional

A unique concept based on scientific assessments of your physical abilities

Because we think you deserve to have access to the same physical preparation systems and methods as our professional athletes, our training programs start with a scientific review in the HumanLab.Our physical trainers mentor you individually.

Our databases allow you to discover your full potential, whatever your level ...

Votre corps est la plus belle des technologies.


Evaluate your physical abilities and exceed your limits

Our motion evaluation lab is a technology focused.

Evaluate your physical capacities through our specific tests in strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and coordination…

Improve your technique using our biomechanical studies

Reduce your risk of injury with our prevention tests.

Reach your goals, with our SMART TRAINING method

Experts in high-level sport, our physical trainers individually supervise your sessions by calibrating your workloads according to the results of the tests. 

Book your sessions using our HumanFab Sports app and track your progress in your personal space using our workload quantification algorithm.

Humanfab is a 360 ° ecosystem that integrates our health professionals to the success of your goals.

A unique experience for "All inclusive" training

Pendant un week-end ou plusieurs semaines nous vous accompagnons au travers d’un Training Camp.

Our internships begin with a day of testing: Health check et évaluation de vos performancesThe days are tailor-made according to the skills to be developed. 

We support you throughout the day with support covering specific physical preparation, outdoor activities, care, recovery and diet programs.


Essential phase in any individualized training program, our Testing expertise allows us to evaluate and measure your physical and mental capacities. We determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to set up personalized programs. Equipped with the latest care tools, our treatment methods are directly derived from our expertise in high-level sport.

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