Our expertise, measurements on humans

Specialized in the human factor, we evaluate interactions between human and technology in real conditions.  

Thus, you can scientifically validate your products in terms of use before placing them on the market. For this, we published a study in an international journal with peer comittee

Our laboratory brings together three fields of expertise : physiology , biomechanics and neuroscience.

We carry out scientific benchmarks to identify the impact of your innovations on humans and facilitate product placement in front of your competitors.

We also write experimental protocols, carry out your clinical studies, and write medical and scientific articles, in order to assist you in communicating your results.

Clinical research and scientific articles
Scientific Marketing

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Our R&D services

Do you want to develop products by integrating people at the heart of your approach? We provide a 360° support to help you bring your projects to life.

Surround yourself with our team of healthcare professionals, engineers and researchers to accelerate technological innovations.

Adopt a scientific approach to validate your concepts.

Technological watch
R&D support

Dedicated development unit

All our teams merge with those of our partners for innovation programs ranging from the conceptualization of an idea to the implementation of a product on the market.

Definition of issues, characterization of usage on a target population, collection and labeling of data, understanding of phenomena and implementation of artificial intelligence solutions.

Product development
Data mapping - AI creation
Application development

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Essential phase in any individualized training program, our Testing expertise allows us to evaluate and measure your physical and mental capacities. We determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to set up personalized programs. Equipped with the latest care tools, our treatment methods are directly derived from our expertise in high-level sport.

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